We got hitched!

Cake toppers

We ordered these really cool customized cake toppers from Goose Grease. Highly recommended!

How it could all go wrong.

My Meaghan is next to me right now, on our very last leisurely weekend visit in New York before I move in two weeks. (I move in two weeks.)

We were hanging out, catching up, when Meaghan shared a dark secret with me:

You know what my biggest fear is? I keep imagining that we’re up there saying our vows and stuff, and then a bee flies up and lands on me and I freak out.

So, if that happens, everyone sit quietly and then never mention it.


I just wanted to announce that I’m NOT going to be changing my last name to Jennings. I’m rather fond of McClenny and I would like to keep it.

Sorry if you’ve already bought us monogrammed towels. :(

I need to learn to ask my wife before I buy something.

The domain registration for “meaghanandscott.com” was set to expire, and I went ahead and renewed the domain for another year. But I didn’t ask Meaghan first! Oh no!

So, realizing my error, I just casually asked her — hey, are we still getting married? And it turns out we are, so it’s ok that I spent the $10.

It’s all about COMMUNICATION.

Invites = printed

We had the invites printed out about a week ago and I just wanted to post them a picture of them here because they’re gorgeous:

So many thanks to my friend Val at Custom Printables!

Oh hooray, I get to go through the tuxedo process again!

It’s hard to put a positive spin on this: the company I was planning to rent tuxedos from is being sold to a liquidator, and probably won’t something to rely on come July. Whoops!

But I really liked the suit I picked! And more importantly, Meaghan liked it! Oh, this wedding is HARD, let’s just go to Vegas.

We have an apartment.

Meaghan and I signed a lease today on a loft in the Baldwin building in downtown Durham. This is exceptionally cool, and I’m very pleased with my effort and the outcome. Jennings & McClenny win.

We’re moving on July 3rd, so it’s time for me to start looking around this New York apartment and think, “I have to move these things 500 miles. And these cats.”

Please don’t tell the cats, I’m waiting for the right moment.


I asked my friend Val to design our invitations, and they’re perfect! She did an amazing job, and they’re exactly what I wanted.

Click here to see them on her blog, and take a look at all of her other designs while you’re there!

Photographers! (Finally.)

This actually happened a while ago, but we chose our photographers! They’re Story Photographers from Raleigh, and Ashley and David are really cool people that we’re excited to have at our wedding.

And many thanks to Britney for suggesting them!