How it could all go wrong.

My Meaghan is next to me right now, on our very last leisurely weekend visit in New York before I move in two weeks. (I move in two weeks.)

We were hanging out, catching up, when Meaghan shared a dark secret with me:

You know what my biggest fear is? I keep imagining that we’re up there saying our vows and stuff, and then a bee flies up and lands on me and I freak out.

So, if that happens, everyone sit quietly and then never mention it.

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  1. Ricky Green Says:

    I can vouch that this is her biggest fear about the wedding. HAHA! The other day a bee landed on me and I flipped the fuck out… and after Meaghan laughed at my ridiculousness she shared this with me. HAHA! Anyway, I’m bringing my EpiPen just in case… :)

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