That would explain why I’ve never met a pleasant notary.

Meaghan and I have someone in mind to perform our wedding ceremony, but they’re not an ordained minister. (We want to have someone we know, and neither of us are interested in a religious service.) The laws about who can perform a marriage vary state by state — I’m performing a wedding for friends in Maryland this weekend by the power vested in me by an Internet church, but the laws in North Carolina are a bit more strict.

I was chatting with my younger brother this evening while I was driving home, and he thought it might be legal for a notary public to perform a wedding. He did a little bit of the Google, and came up with this:

In North Carolina is it legal for a notary public to marry someone? - Yahoo! Answers

I don’t think anywhere in America are notary publics required to stay single. Like anyone else, if they fall in love with someone, they’re allowed to marry.

Internet saves the day again. (And no, a notary public can’t perform a wedding. We already know how we’re going to work around all of this.)

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  1. Ron Says:

    In the states of ME, SC, FL & 1 parrish in LA, a notary can perform a wedding. In all other states, being just a notary is not sufficient.

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